Eastport Victorian Kitchen

We had a wonderful time at our kitchen photo shoot last week.  We were thrilled that the clients and their pets joined in the fun. There are more pictures to come, but we are too excited to not share this project with you, so we are posting a few shots now. First a few facts…
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Kitchens: A Hot Topic

Summer is in full swing and as temperatures rise, you may find yourself turning to your grill instead of turning on your stove. I was recently talking to an Annapolis client and friend about their kitchen remodel that we just completed together. She went on and on about how beautiful it is and how we…
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Residential Architectural Styles

When we start working with new clients we ask them what style of home they prefer. This is a question our clients often struggle to answer. Architecture and design has it’s own vocabulary, in order to have a meaningful conversation we need to be speaking the same language.
How fluent are you in architectural styles? What styles do you like? What style is your current home? Can it fit in a category or is it best labeled a mutt?

Here is a great primer to start learning architectural styles.

Practice defining a home’s architectural style on your morning walk or on your drive home. Struggling to label one? Send it to us and we will see if we can help.

Drab to Fab

Everyone loves a good before and after story.  Whether it’s the Ugly Duckling or Cinderella, the basic story is the same.  Something undesirable and unattractive is transformed into something beautiful.  We recently completed an architectural project that is a perfect example of this concept.  An old dilapidated waterfront cottage (very common in Anne Arundel County)…
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