Architectural Services

kitchen designArchitectural Kitchen Design

We approach Kitchen Design within the context of the architecture of the home. Designing a kitchen is more than hanging cabinet boxes on walls. Style and design details are selected to support the architectural details of the home. Tina works with the Owner to understand how they will use their kitchen. Do they prepare gourmet meals or do they prefer take out? Do they entertain? How big is their family?

Flow, function and aesthetics must all work together to create a beautiful, organized space that meets the needs of the individual client.

Architectural designResidential Design

The customization of a home should reflect the lifestyle, habits, and aesthetic preferences of its Owner. Whether a renovation or new home construction, Tina strives to understand the way an Owner lives in order to offer custom solutions specific to their family or lifestyle.

Where do they eat? Where do they watch TV? How does the family enter the home? How do guests enter the home? Are there views that they want to capture? Where do they want to spend most of their time? What architectural style does the Owner prefer? There are a multitude of questions to answer and decisions to be made during the design and construction process in order to build not only a house, but a home.

Phases of Architectural Services

  • Phase 1: Pre-Proposal Site Meeting

    Prior to beginning a project, a site meeting will be scheduled between the Owner and Architect.  The agenda would include a discussion about the scope of the project, the Owner’s goals and requirements, the quality of the materials to be used, the overall project budget and the schedule.  After the meeting, the Architect will prepare a proposal for Architectural Services for consideration by the Owner.  Upon acceptance of the proposal, an architectural project is born.
  • Phase 2:  Schematic Design Phase

    Schematic Design begins with code research and existing condition documentation (if necessary). Once the code parameters are discovered and addressed, the Architect proceeds with developing solutions that address the project goals.   It is common for the Architect to use sketches, drawings and photographs to communicate and help the Owner to visualize and understand the architectural concepts.  The Owner and Architect work together to arrive at the best solution aesthetically and functionally for the project.  Once schematic design is approved by the Owner, the Design Development phase begins.
  • Phase 3: Design Development

    Once the Schematic Design has been approved, Design Development begins.  During this phase, drawings are typically converted in CAD drawings.  Drawings often include dimensioned plans and elevations, building sections and wall sections.  The Architect assists the Owner in selecting primary building finishes and develops structural drawings.  Once the Owner has approved the Design Development drawings, the project proceeds into Construction/Bid Document phase.
  • Phase 4: Construction/Bid Document Phase

    Construction/Bid Document phase continues to develop the drawings to the next level of detail. Exterior and interior details are drawn, all interior and exterior materials are selected, and written specifications are developed so that competitive construction cost proposals can be obtained from qualified contractors. Building permit application can be made to obtain approval from local authorities for the construction project. The Architect often administers a pre-bid meeting and assists the Owner in evaluation of the construction cost proposals, then proceeds to administer a contract between the Owner and Contractor.
  • Phase 5: Construction Administration

    Once a Contractor has been selected, the Architect will offer construction administration services. This includes the administration of bi-weekly progress meetings, preparation and distribution of meeting minutes, answer Contractor’s questions and confirm that the construction is being completed in conformance with the Contract and Construction Drawings. In addition the Architect will review and make recommendations regarding Contractors Applications for Payment and will generate punch lists at project completion.